A bit about us

ISIS Waterside Regeneration is a partnership company, owned by the Canal and River Trust (formerly British Waterways) and MUSE Developments, with 50% of its returns re-invested by the Canal and River Trust into the maintenance and enhancement of the UK Waterway network. ISIS is committed to revitalising Britain's waterways by creating sustainable waterside communities and delivers high quality and well-designed schemes based around complementary, mixed uses.

ISIS is a multi-award winning developer, having previously completed two highly successful, residential developments: Islington Wharf in Manchester and Granary Wharf in Leeds.

Our journey so far

Outline planning consent for the overall scheme in Brentford was secured in March 2012 and followed an in-depth consultation with the local community. The overall scheme will comprise 520 residential homes, 20% of which will be affordable. The scheme will also deliver 7,000 sq metres of commercial space.

The project will breathe new life into Brentford. In addition to providing much needed new housing, the scheme will deliver new community spaces and commercial buildings, helping to create new jobs for the area. £2 million has also been allocated for investment into local health and education facilities.

Improving the local waterways

As part of the overall scheme, ISIS will be working in conjunction with the Canal and River Trust to make a number of improvements to the moorings at Brentford Lock West. These improvements will include the addition of new visitor mooring and hook up points, along with the installation of a new floating pontoon to be used by the local canoe club. Further enhancements will also be made to widen the canal towpath, providing better access and a safer walkway for both new and existing residents.

Becoming part of the community

It is our aim to create places that feel special, places that people enjoy living in and care about, stimulating new communities with a range of cultural and social events until they take on a life of their own.

We are supporting a number of local initiatives and organisations from within the borough, such as Cultivate London – an innovative, urban farm which aims to increase the amount of locally and organically grown produce available across London. Cultivate London will become an integral part of the development and is already located on site, while plans to include community allotments have been factored into the design. Close partnerships with other local organisations including Brentford FC Community Sports Trust, Active 360 and canoe club Edge have also been developed and Brentford Lock West will host a new watersports hub, to be enjoyed by the whole community.

What's next

Detailed planning for phase one, a collection of 150 one, two, three and four bedroom apartments and townhouses, together with commercial units, was granted unanimously in June 2012. The planning committee gave the team special recognition for their close consultation with the local community, recognising our commitment to community engagement.

Find out more about what we do at www.isisregeneration.co.uk and click here to read more about our flats in Brentford.


Blog 1

Buying at Brentford Lock West

– 26 February 2014

Downsizing without the compromise – one couple tell us how buying at Brentford Lock West has given them a beautiful new home with a host of additional benefits. 

Having lived in and around the area for a number of years, Wendy Fenemore and her husband were keen to stay local as they looked to downsize from their Chiswick home. After becoming aware of the imminent launch of Brentford Lock West, the couple were quick to secure an appointment at the development’s launch weekend and became one of the first to reserve their new home, off-plan.

Talking of their new purchase, Wendy said: 
“We have lived in the area for a number of years and in this time we have seen Brentford really advance and evolve into a great place to live – I love the energy here and the real sense of community that the town seems to have. 

“We have been planning to downsize for a while now but we didn’t want to compromise. On our wish list alongside well-proportioned rooms, a good location and outside space was a water view, which is what first attracted us to this development. While we were keen to find an apartment with the living accommodation all on one level, we also wanted to enjoy a sense of light and space, which is exactly what the apartments at Brentford Lock West have to offer. Having looked at a number of the plots we opted for a spacious ground floor three bedroom apartment, which enjoys a large private terrace, which looks out directly onto the water.

“I love the arc deco styling of the apartments here and the homes didn’t disappoint internally either. The specification within the apartments is stunning and they have really paid close attention to detail to ensure that the homes offer that wow factor, while meeting all the practicalities of day to day living. What’s more, the green and community features that are being delivered here offer some real benefits. Elements such as the planned roof top allotments are a fantastic addition and with all of the works that are being done to widen the canal towpath and encourage the use of the water, we are really looking forward to becoming part of this exciting new community.”

Confidence in the local and the wider property market meant the couple were happy to purchase off-plan

Wendy added: 
“The improvements we have seen taking place in Brentford over the last 10-15 years, coupled with the renewed confidence, which appears to be taking place across the wider property market, meant that we felt confident in purchasing our new home off-plan.

“Before we made a decision we spent lots of time looking at the proposed plans, viewing the computer generated images and exploring the various materials that will be used within the apartment and we felt satisfied that this was the ideal property for us. What’s more, by reserving early we have had the pick of the plots and can’t wait to now move into our new home later this year.” 

A positive customer experience

Wendy concluded: 
“We have been very impressed with the sales team, who have done everything they can to make our purchase as smooth and stress free as possible. From the very beginning, the team were happy to sit down and spend the time to run through all of our questions. We never felt rushed or pushed into anything and they gave us the time and space we needed to make our decision, while keeping in touch to ensure we had access to all of the information we required.  I can’t fault their professional and friendly approach, which has greatly enhanced the whole buying experience.”

The Sales and Marketing Suite is open daily, 10am – 5pm. Buyers can book an appointment now by calling the Brentford Lock West sales team at Stubbings Property Marketing on 0208 569 7449, emailing brentford@isis.gb.com or visiting www.brentfordlockwest.co.uk

Blog 1

Buying at Brentford Lock West

– 24 January 2014

A new home that offers a community feel, access to open green open space and good connections – one couple tell us how they believe they have discovered one of west London’s hidden gems.


For one couple in their early thirties, a development built around a sense of community along with a strong focus on design were high on the wish list, as they commenced their search for a new build home that would be their first property purchase together.


After having looked at a number of developments in west London, Jeremiah Mahadevan and his wife Shaleni Vellayappan were first attracted to Brentford Lock West because of its impressive architecture and the sense of community that forms a central focus for this development.


Jeremiah Mahadevan said: “Two things that really mattered to us when looking to purchase our first home together were design and community – both of which Brentford Lock West has in abundance. What really struck us about the scheme is the level of care that has gone into the design, architecture and planning. Having read up on the history of the development, it was clear that this project came about with the backing of the people of Brentford, taking into account the character of the location and the needs of the local community. 


“We also liked the fact that the marketing materials and the various schemes available to assist purchasers seemed to be geared towards attracting owner-occupiers, who will have a long-term stake in the area.  The goal of the whole project seems to be to create a neighbourhood rather than just a development, and that really appealed to us.”


One of west London’s hidden gems

Having previously lived in neighbouring Kew Bridge, Jeremiah was familiar with the Brentford area and all that this up and coming town has to offer. With a significant regeneration project taking place here and with access to such a wide variety of retail and leisure facilities, all located close by, the couple are confident that they have made a sound investment for the future.

Shaleni added: “As far as we’re concerned, Brentford truly is one of London’s hidden gems – it’s quiet and leafy, with great walking and cycling to be had by the river and canals. What’s more, along with a growing selection of its own gastro pubs and places to eat out and socialise, it’s located so close to areas such as Kew and Chiswick, which means there’s loads of choice on your doorstep.

“While we were initially a little nervous of buying off-plan, being able to see our new home gradually take shape has been really exciting. This, coupled with all the regeneration taking place in Brentford and reports that suggest the property market is fast improving has given us the reassurance that we made our decision to buy at just the right time.”



Home buying schemes that make owning a property in London a reality for first time buyers

While the couple commenced their property search for a two bedroom home in London, after viewing a wide range of properties, they quickly resigned themselves to a one bedroom apartment. However, after visiting Brentford Lock West and learning about the various schemes in place, designed to assist them onto the housing ladder, the couple were delighted to discover that purchasing a two bedroom property could become a reality after all. 

Jeremiah added: “We really didn’t think that it would be possible for us to afford a two bedroom apartment, certainly not in London. However, when we visited Brentford Lock West, we were introduced to a number of schemes, designed to assist with our purchase. We were really excited to discover that we could in fact afford a two bedroom home, which will just give us so much more space and flexibility and will allow us to stay in our first home for longer. 

“We love the large open plan living space and our balcony, which gives us a direct view of the canal. The quality of the interior fixtures and fittings included as standard are also a big plus for us. 

“For us, Brentford offers the best of both worlds - we are in a green and leafy area that feels like it’s outside of London, while being in zone four with easy access into central London and the surrounding towns and boroughs.”


Reaching new heights in customer service 

In addition to being very happy with their property purchase, the couple have been impressed with the high level of service they have received from the sales team on site, which has helped to enhance their overall buying experience.

Jeremiah added: “The sales team have been brilliant – they are always friendly and very accommodating. They have never resorted to high-pressure tactics but instead have always taken the time to follow up any of our queries and address any of our questions quickly and efficiently, both before and after we committed to buying. 

“Only the other week when we were out shopping for a bed we were dithering because we weren’t sure whether the one we liked would match the fitted wardrobe in our master bedroom. We got in touch with the sales office then and there and they were kind enough to take some photos of their sample wardrobe doors and e-mail them to us right away - just one example of how they have gone above and beyond to provide a high level of customer service.”

The Sales and Marketing Suite is open daily, 10am – 5pm. Buyers can book an appointment now by calling the Brentford Lock West sales team at Stubbings Property Marketing on 0208 569 7449, emailing brentford@isis.gb.com or visiting www.brentfordlockwest.co.uk